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Thank you for the interest in the class. I am happy to say this will be my fifth summer of teaching.  
The class is for beginners to professional. My approach is that I try to meet artists where they are and help them to get where they want to go. I encourage painting from life but highly value the studio and what can be produced there. In a typical class I will set a still life up for those who want to paint from life and also have a few students painting on their own projects. I make it a point to get around to everyone to help them. I also demo in the beginning of class or bring something I am working on to reinforce a new concept I am teaching. Students are free to paint in acrylic and oil, the majority of the class uses oil paint. 

We meet every Tuesday at Terry Lee's studio in Hayden by the airport-1506 W. Lacey Ave, Hayden ID 83835.

Winter Class Schedule 
*No Morning Classes*
Afternoon Class: 12:30pm to 4pm
[EASELS and TABLES available, feel free to bring your own.]

Feel free to shoot me any questions, and hope to see you in class!

- Kyle 

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