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Upcoming 2023 Workshops: TBD*


Techniques - create exciting paintings from your pictures

The age old dilemma of painting from life or painting from photos and why we must choose.

In this workshop I will share my approach of creating art from living life.

Taking the experiences, photos, plein air pieces and sketches back to the studio to create paintings. This process has its pitfalls and its rewards. I hope to save you time on your adventure to better communicate your experience through paint. My teaching approach is to meet artists where they are and help them along in the direction they want their art to go. The class will consist of one on one teaching as well as a demo each day.

I will teach the concepts of what makes a strong composition.

This will lead to taking better photos and plein air paintings which will lead to a higher rate of success in your paintings. In this class you will need to bring 3-5 photos you want to paint from. If you have a sketch from life that backs up your photo bring that as well, not necessary. I will teach you how to take these

raw materials and make exciting paintings!

Bring 2-4 canvass to paint on, ideally they would be somewhat in the format

of your photo or how you would like to paint it. You may also paint from an iPad or similar device vs photo. Bring your sketch book along with 3-4 value gray marker set.

If you have questions and uncertainty have no fear that is why you are coming to class!

We will work it out!

- Kyle Paliotto

Workshop Supply List

Oil Paint-

Full Palette-

Cadmium Yellow Lemon

Cadmium Yellow Pale

Cadmium Yellow Deep

Yellow Ochre Pale

Cadmium Red

Transparent Oxide Red

Alizarin Crimson Permanent


Cobalt Blue Light

Ultramarine Blue Deep

Titanium/Zinc White (This is a blend by Gamblin)

This is the basic full palette I use, the colors are laid out in this order on my palette as well.
The consistency of the layout is important to muscle
memory in mixing.

Glass palettes are great for the studio but horrible for traveling.

Please use wood, plexiglass or plastic.

If you do not have these colors the concept is more important than the

particulars. You need the primaries yellow, red, and blue.
a warm and cool of each. White is a must in oil painting.


3-5 brushes ranging from 2-10 in size (usually located on the handle)

I use flats. The basic shapes are round, filbert, flat and bright. 

One large wash brush. I use a Purdy 11/2 sash, found at the local hardware store. 2-3” work as well!
(Sash is an angled brush, house
painting term)

Brush washer is a must

Portable metal or plastic washer preferred. Glass is heavy and breaks.

Palette knife is a must.

The shapes vary greatly so finding one you prefer is best. I use a

liquitex small #1. I use other knives but this is a great staple knife that is

easy to use.

Canvas I use Claessens Linen #66 either stretched over bars or glued to board.

Use the best quality canvas you can afford, the cheaper canvas gets greasy and is difficult to work on.

Odorless mineral spirits are a MUST.

- Paper towels

- Gloves

These are optional but I find it frees up the process of painting and protects me and loved ones from paint contamination.

Pochade Box

Portable easel. There are a ton of these on the market. Finding one that fits your needs is important and easily done by observing other artist's pochades before buying. A basic french easel will get you along until you need something better. This piece of equipment doesn’t make great paintings it only aids in the comfort and efficiency of making master pieces.

Carrying Case

No one likes the yard sale setup next to them while they try to paint.

Space is important and an organized workspace aids in energy spent creating.

Drawing pad and 3-4 value marker set. There’s a myriad of options here. Go with what you like.

A Good Attitude! Having fun painting comes through in your work!

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